0189 School for Singles

Jul 06, 2012, 04:21 PM, Niigata Prefecture, Japan

You’ve heard of Generation X? Well, meet Generation S. S for single. Here in Japan, there is a big market niche of single twenty- and thirty-somethings. A market niche into which the Infini School of Tokyo fit itself quite neatly, thank you very much. Infini offers classes that promise to turn marriage-challenged men and women into prime spousal material. Instructors offer comments on wardrobe, posture and even the way to cross your legs in the pursuit of a mate. Students can go out on simulated dates that are critiqued by instructors and there is even a class on impressing future in-laws whose approval apparently still counts. All those who believe this service is worth 200,000 yen, say “I do.” You may kiss your money goodbye. #ceas #hacker #japan

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