0190 Let's Sleep at Your Place

Jul 06, 2012, 04:29 PM, Ulaanbaatar, Khan Uul, Mongolia

Sure, Mongolia still has its yurts, its nomads, its fermented yak’s milk but it also has a reality TV show: танайд хоноё which means Let’s Sleep at Your Place. The host is Tengis, a friendly and sincere young man in glasses who roams the streets of Ulaanbaatar asking random people if he can sleep at their house and, oh yeah, bring his camera crew. When someone says yes, he goes home with them, eats dinner with them and chats about their life with them. He packs a sleeping bag but won’t turn down a bed if offered. At the end of the day, he delivers a monologue on his impressions of his new friends then crawls under the covers fully clothed. Fade out. Fade in. Next morning. Breakfast and bayartai (goodbye). Roll credits. Jon & Kate + 8: Sleep Over! Could this be the American version? #ceas #hacker #mongolia

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