Intercepted? The Gillard govt. doesn't intercept them. They're welcomed.

Jul 24, 2012, 01:27 AM

Intercepted? The people smugglers boats are not intercepted. They are welcomed. With open arms.

According to the Encarta dictionary, to intercept is “to prevent people or objects from reaching their destination or target by stopping, diverting, or seizing them.”

Encarta gives this example “The contraband was intercepted by police at the dock.” The Gillard government doesn’t intercept smugglers’ boats. The smugglers clients are welcomed, given government homes and put on welfare. So far 1278 clients have been welcomed this month, 6535 this year. Ms. Gillard and her ministers have welcomed 91 boats this year.
The government’s spin doctors won’t tell us, but 2GB’s Ray Hadley revealed on 24 July that once again, smugglers’ clients at the Villawood detention centre have jammed blankets into smoke alarms and set their more than ample taxpayer funded accommodation on fire. Meanwhile, moving smugglers’ clients from the crowded facility on Christmas Island to the mainland is costing up to $180,000 a flight, according to Gemma Jones in The Daily Telegraph (24/7) #Intercept