Sorry everyone, another DSLR/iPhone reply @macolgan

Aug 07, 2012, 10:25 AM
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sm2n - about 5 years ago

+1 Dave


PVO_Dave - about 5 years ago

Just to add... the sensor and optics are the most important parts for getting a 'technically' (you can still take bad photos with the best gear) good quality image.

Megapixels are only important if you want to print the picture, more megapixels, means more opportunity to print at larger sizes.

It seems sometimes manufacturers try to cram as many megapixels in as possible, often resulting in worse quality images, even the big companies are guilty, the Canon 50D I had was shocking really, it basically resulted in noisier pictures even at 100 ISO.

I'm sure some of the compact manufacturers try and get as many MP's in as possible to lure in the unsuspecting public, bigger = better if you don't know what it all means.

The 4S is great at what it is, but it's only really comparable with a semi decent compact camera.

In short, if your recent-ish DSLR is producing worse results than your iPhone, you are either doing it wrong, or you need to get off Auto mode :)