Gifts for AJ - No 1 (Fleur Adcock) - gift for @ajleon

Aug 25, 2012, 12:12 AM, Poulacurry South, Cork, Ireland

A man is travelling round the world in 1,080 days.

AJ Leon is a nomad who does things his way. His way aims to encourage others - us - to carve out our course changing the world for the better.

@ajleon is my hero - whatever he does will make the world better for my children's children...

I feel duty bound to go round the world with him - be with him every step of 1,080 days.

But I can't do it physically. So I thought I could volunteer to be one of his Passepartouts... the one who reads him a poem every day...

Mad crazy commitment to read AJ Leon 1,080 poems that have been "intentionally" selected to spur us all on to living better.

When AJ gets this he'll be shocked or surprised. He may even yell "stop" - but this is a "Don't wait for permission" moment - and his advice is "Don't listen to anyone".


Google "Fleur Adcock" - (1934-) New Zealand


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