Aug 27, 2012, 12:42 PM
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kidnews - almost 5 years ago

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applepigbore - almost 5 years ago

Oh, I just missed the end of that piece. I broke in too soon. Wonderful piece Stephen. How do you always manage to save the day? Knowing what bad people do, it's always very reassuring to have someone like yourself, keeping us all on our toes. Have a very merry Christmas.


ruperthowe - about 5 years ago

interesting the way that biodiversity (technodiversity?) grows after one service has achieved dominance and its competitors become endangered or extinct. we used to have a handful of conpetitors to twitter, but we chose twitter because it was the least complex of all the options and all our friends were there. same with facebook. same with google and itunes, really. playing with (@ruhowe) i find it hard to see what's going to be enough of a lure to provide any meaningful competition to twitter. i've been expecting a good open source alternative - but imagined it'd be more of a convergence of twitter, facebook and email. or something. not just a clone of one of them. what am i missing?


filmatu - about 5 years ago

I think that we have to be really thankful for this interdependence as users. We are more dependant on Twitter than before but so is Twitter!


documentally - about 5 years ago

Thanks for the additional insight. Especially the 'lazy journalism' comment and the reminder of the current trend to 'bake in' twitter.

Biodiversity for the win.