Becoming a Strategy Thinker (P15-16)

Sep 02, 2012, 08:45 PM

You can't create brilliant strategy without becoming a strategic thinker. In this excerpt from the best-selling The Strategy Book, Mckeown explains the importance of two questions: Why & Why Not.

The Strategy Book delivers the most important, practical knowledge on using strategy to deliver success in a competitive world and so you can get what you want from your business.

The Strategy Book is an essential read for any leader or manager, explaining how strategy can help them get the results they want and engage people with the strategy they create.

Readers can depend upon The Strategy Book to help them understand what strategy can do for them and how to create powerful strategies, based on what we know about the science of strategy.

The Strategy Book is an extremely practical, fully cross-referenced guide to strategy that is easy to use time and time again. It can be read as a whole or readers can dip into the easy-to-read, bite-size sections as and when they need to deal with a particular issue.

The Strategy Book includes practical advice and expert tips about strategy, techniques and approaches, and includes punchy, memorable examples from real leaders winning (and losing) with real world strategies. (Available at all good book shops!)