Setting out - a gift of Pablo Neruda for @ajleon No 23/1080

Sep 17, 2012, 08:41 PM, Poulacurry South, Cork, Ireland

No 23 of 1,080 poems selected & read in support of AJ Leon, remarkable misfit - believed to be in LA... The early stage of a journey "Around the World in 1,080 Days" compared to the experience of starting a poem. Pablo Neruda (No 1 of the Top 500 poets on ) Chilean poet, diplomat & politician - wrote in green ink. 1904-73 described by GG Marquez as "the greatest poet of the 20th century" - David Whyte translated this version from "La Poesia" - I found it on a chapter "Fire in the Earth" of ISBN 0385484186 #pursuitofeverything #pabloneruda #Chilean #gift #poetry #losangeles

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