The Wells of Tanit

The Wells of Tanit

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'Come with me on a journey down Ibiza’s forgotten pathways… take my hand and let me lead you to the secret heart of the island, to the Wells of Tanit…..'

The Wells of Tanit is a new English language podcast celebrating the culture, folklore, history, mythology and ecology of the island of Ibiza. Each episode will be recorded at a different ancient well of the island, and have a different theme, which we will explore from mythical, playful, philosophical and poetical perspectives. There will be musings, stories, encounters with island characters and more…

Just for a little while, step away from the beaches, and travel inwards. We are going to get beneath the many superficial masks of Ibiza, and head to the island's ancient source of life and wisdom - to The Wells of Tanit, where unknown stories wait to be told.

This podcast is created and hosted by Joanna Hruby, founder of the Ibiza-based puppetry, mythical performance and storytelling company Theatre of the Ancients.

Our theme music is 'De Jo Et Vas Despediguent' by the Ibizan folk group Uc, released by Produccions Blau.