Episode Three: SUN

Episode 3,  Aug 16, 2019, 06:40 AM

On Ibiza, an island converted by mass tourism into a 'mecca' for modern day sun worship, what is the authentic cultural and mythological significance of the sun? Join me this month on a quest to the Font d'en Miquelet, a well near to Santa Gertrudis in Northern Ibiza which is painted with mysterious ancient symbols which some associate with the sun. Here, we contemplate the almighty sun as ruler, life-giver and destroyer, and reflect on the moment that people first began to shed their clothes on Ibiza and embrace, rather than shelter from, the sun.

Exploring ancient egyptian sun gods and pagan fire rituals, we delve into the meaning of the sun in Ibiza's history and folklore, before stumbling on the Font d'en Miquelet's lost symbol of the moon goddess, Tanit... Join us as we venture to the headquarters of Blakstad Design Consultancy in San Carles, to ponder on the ancient symbols and motifs found at the island's wells and also on its traditional architecture, as explored by the company's founder, Rolph Blakstad, almost sixty years ago at the advent of tourism. 

In this episode we reflect on the harmful, destroying power of the sun, turning to the poetry of Robert Hale, of Ibiza poetry collective Yabisah's Gashouse. We also discuss the introspective journey of witnessing the sun set each day, a process that is soundtracked as an art form by 'The Prince of Balearic Chill', DJ and producer Mark Barrott, who shares his personal insights with us. 

Join me in the shade of a forgotten inland well, where we ponder on the firey celestial globe in the sky which keeps us alive, but also eternally threatens to destroy us... as humans, as landscapes, as communities and as mass tourism destinations such as Ibiza.

Written and presented by Joanna Hruby, artist, puppeteer and founder of Theatre of the Ancients (www.theatreoftheancients.com)
Series sponsor/editing: Enrique Villalonga of
Filmótica (filmotica.com)
Theme music:
'De Jo Et Vas Despediguent' by Uc (released by Produccions Blau)

Featured in this episode:
'Solar' – poem by Philip Larkin
'Song to the Archetypal Forest' – poem by Robert Hale, from 'A Crack Between the Worlds', by Ibiza poetry collective Yabisah's Gashouse, 2019.
Deep Water' – Mark Barrott (a track from the album Sketches from an Island, released by International Feel Recordings, 2014)
Excerpt from 'Becoming Animal' – book by David Abram (Vintage Books, 2010)

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