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"Come with me on a journey down Ibiza’s forgotten pathways… take my hand and let me lead you to the secret heart of the island, to the Wells of Tanit..."

The Wells of Tanit is a podcast celebrating the traditional culture, folklore, history, mythology and ecology of the island of Ibiza, in Spain. Each episode is recorded beside a different ancient well of the island, each of which brims with fascinating local history and stands as a monument to Ibiza's rich and largely forgotten ancient pagan heritage.  

Beside these mysterious wells hidden deep within the Ibizan countryside, we explore the side of the island that you don't hear about in the international press and media, which have for several decades chosen to describe Ibiza as an island of hedonism and mass tourism, a decadent playground for the rich and famous. These remote, centuries-old wells have a very different story to tell - one of ancient myths, Phoenician gods and goddesses, and a brimming, multi-layered folklore. 

Just for a little while, step away from the beaches, and travel inwards. We are going to get beneath the many superficial masks of Ibiza, and head to the island's ancient source of life and wisdom - to The Wells of Tanit, where unknown stories wait to be told.

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This podcast is created and hosted by Joanna Hruby, artist, puppeteer, performance-maker, storyteller and founder of Theatre of the Ancients, Ibiza. You can also follow her writings blending whimsical autobiography with the mythic fabric of Ibiza by subscribing to her Substack newsletter, The Cult of Balàfía:

Our theme music is the beautiful 'De Jo Et Vas Despediguent' by the Ibizan folk group 'Uc', released by Produccions Blau in Palma, Mallorca. 

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