Episode Two: DANCE

Episode 2,  Jul 16, 2019, 03:50 PM

This second episode of The Wells of Tanit is recorded at the Pou de Labritja, an ancient well near the village of Sant Joan in the North of Ibiza.  In this episode we explore the theme of 'dance', unravelling Ibiza's popular identity as the 'dance music capital' of Europe. We reveal that, as seen from the perspective of ancient mythology and folklore, Ibiza has indeed been an island of dance for several thousand years... the first Phoenician settlers even named the island after Bes, the Egyptian god of dance...

In this episode we go in search of a local man who built a temple to the god of dance, as well as journeying deep into the astonishing secrets of Ibiza's folk dance tradition, the 'ball pages', whose roots originate in North Africa and the Middle East, and are said to centre around the worship of a Carthaginian moon goddess... We have a chat with our sponsor Enrique Villalonga of Filmótica, film-maker and expert on the history of Ibizan cinema, and he tells us about his experiences filming the 'ball pages' dances for local government archives. Enrique also tells us about 'Agost', a rare, experimental film shot on Ibiza in the mid 1970's exploring the local folk dance tradition through unusually poetical and psychedelic perspectives...

Join us at another of Ibiza's ancient, secluded wells and let's head deep into the mysteries of an island which has inspired people to dance for millenia, and which still does today...

Written and presented by Joanna Hruby, artist, puppeteer and founder of Theatre of the Ancients (www.theatreoftheancients.com)
Series sponsor/editing: Enrique Villalonga of Filmótica (filmotica.com)
Theme music: 'De Jo Et Vas Despediguent' by
Uc (released by Produccions Blau)

Also featured in this episode:
Extracts from the book 'The White Island' by Stephen Armstrong
Translated extracts from the book 'Ball Pagès. Origens', by Miquel Mayordomo and Toni Manonelles
Audio excerpt from
ball pages folk dance, Ibiza, recorded in 2018 by Filmótica
Audio footage from the film
Agost (Eivissa. Cròniques d’un ball), 1975, Directed by Francesc Juan
Audio excerpt from 'The Twilight Zone' by Mascalito 

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