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The podcast about what it feels like to live in the UK and on the edge of Europe,  Climate Catastrophe, recession, pandemics, you name it. Richard and Carola will still be exploring Europe, Brexit affairs, and UK politics but this time around they are focussing on Green New Deals as part of a pandemic recovery (before surfing the Brexit 2nd wave). 

Between cups of tea and a lot of dithering, Richard and Carola try to understand what it might mean to be sustainable, European and live in the UK.

Season 1 - Brexit.
Season 2 - Green New Deals. 

For podcasting geeks: our gear includes the versatile and cute Zoom L-12 LiveTrak, the sexy-sounding EV RE20s, a couple of handy SM58s where needed, some sturdy Rhode PSA1s, an old 50s table, my mom’s quilts on the walls, some squeaking chairs (sorry…), one iPhone, speed-conscious GarageBand, gorgeous sounding ThumbJam and a bit of creative NodeBeat. That’s right, no laptop for recording, but straight to SD card. But for editing and uploading, Hindenburg on the handy Lenovo Yoga 510, which also supports ‘paperwork’ and research. Hosting by Audioboom. Organising, co-creation, co-documentation via MS Notebooks. All tea-cup sounds made with 50's Villeroy & Boch Burgenland Blau Cups and Saucers, inherited from Carola's mother. The few other sound effects used, all credit goes to the the fabulous team at MTG UPF who started Freesound, a site that simply loves sound. This is all so Culture 3.0, and if you want to really know what that is, read up in this pdf.

Dithering on the Edge of Europe

Carola Boehm & Richard McCarthy
37 episodes