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Hollie Grant brings you the conversations no one else is having around pregnancy & parenthood - a refreshingly honest podcast. 

Bun in the Oven is a podcast that explores the myriad of challenges and routes to becoming and being a parent. Over the past 11 years, Hollie has worked as a pre and postnatal fitness specialist across the globe with thousands of women, and she’s heard hundreds of stories about fertility, infertility, pregnancy and parenthood.

Each episode of Bun in the Oven Each will feature two guests who shed light on their pregnancy/parenting experience, and Hollie covers topics such as: being pregnant in a bigger body, what it feels like to have endometriosis, getting pregnant alone, having a baby when in a same sex relationship, the reality of egg & sperm donation, and IVF, amongst other topics.

Hollie and her guests normalise the experiences, dispel the myths and delve into the many ways that children are brought into this world.

Bun in the Oven | The Podcast by Hollie Grant

Bun in the Oven | The Podcast by Hollie Grant
17 episodes