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These conversations usually only happen in my head. 
(...and specifically in the middle of the night, because that’s when I come upon every inspired thought I’ve ever had. for some reason.)
This podcast is my Digital Diary. In each episode, I will brain-dump, talk through, and share my perspective on a new topic relevant to my journey of navigating life in my 20s. And I’m Hannah, a 24-year-old just trying to figure out what any of us are *actually* supposed to be doing. 
Spoiler alert: I don’t know how to crack this code, but then again… none of us do. So we might as well be in it together. 
There will be a little bit of everything here - highs and lows, experiences and lessons, self-care and self-improvement, and everything in between. 
Welcome to Digital Diary with Hannah Elise - hanging out every Tuesday.

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