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Welcome to Killing Dad Presents: The Miscreants, season two of our series investigating family murders. In the shadows of the 1994 Northridge earthquake that devastated Los Angeles, there was a violent crime spree of sadistic killers who mimicked their violence from scenes straight out of their favorite movie; The Terminator. Two men wreaked havoc from Reno to Los Angeles in a matter of days. It involves two innocent victims tortured before they were murdered, a day-time robbery shootout at a gun store, a high-speed chase with guns blazing, a kidnapping, a 9-hour standoff with swat, the crumbling of buildings in southern California ending with a failed suicide pact, a prison execution, and a bizarre twist of fate for a local hero. It’s when truth is more compelling than fiction. Exclusive interviews including confessions from the killers.


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True Crime
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