Robert Scoble @scobleizer in Dublin at #websummit

Oct 18, 2012, 10:09 AM, Pembroke East, Dublin, Ireland

The one you've been waiting for ... Begins with Paul O'Mahony from "ChangeAgents" - business branding company - going into Day 2 of #websummit Dublin... being helped with directions... Until suddenly - there he was : the mighty #RobertScoble @scobleizer simply standing there with #LiamCasey Founder of PCH International (HQ in Cork). Getting ready to go on stage together... It was a dream come true for the Co-founder of ChangeAgents because Paul had already enlisted the help of #MarkRock CEO of #Audioboo - in the hope of meeting Robert . Magically the conversation flowed. Uncontrolled, unscripted, unpredictably... Robert Scoble was ever so generous with his time & intelligence about #GoogleGlasses - how they may transform the world - especially the audio landscape. Paul O'Mahony found himself blurting out a plug for his great client #InHandGuides (CEO #TrevorWinckworth ) @inhandguides... Paul asked Robert to help his business & others by answering the question: "What 3 bits of advice would you offer these entrepreneurs about how to develop their brand?" You hear Robert Scoble's advice here... Find ChangeAgents (launched at Websummit) here: Http:// You hear Paul thank Robert for getting him to get the first iPad because of #flipboard. There's also #projectglass coming soon over horizon... You hear the story of what a passer-by said to Paul about the ability of Googe to track you voiceprint... Ends with Robert Scoble revealing his love for eating fish rather than fishing. This conversation was one of a big series of podcasts #websummitdiary designed to share the flavour, spirit & intelligence of #Websummit - Founded by @paddycosgrave & @hidaire

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