Pubcast #105: Low Battery

Nov 15, 2012, 12:14 PM, Poplar, London, England

The Pubcaster's welcomed back an old friend and introduced a new one this week but, like the 1999 Champions League final, all the excitement didn't happen until the last few minutes.

Unlike the 1999 Champions League final; this was because of a low battery on the recording device but, aside from that, this was a stellar show. There was controversy, there was comedy and, more than anything, there was the absolute crap that you know and love. The topics covered include...

• Billy Wright's 50s WAG

• Berbatov & Ruiz living in luxury in Fulham

• Little Pea leaves Villa shell-shocked

• Everybody loves Steve Evans...

• Everybody loves Leeds United...

• West Ham United: 2nd best team in London

• Zaha for England

• Sterling: 3 kids but too young for Walkabout

• No mush-room in the top 9 for Montpellier

• Exciting debate - Trivia vs Information

• Franchise Scum vs. Wimbledon

• Socceroos coach should be on his Behich

• David Luiz in tears

• Bloody Brazilians

• Lads of the week

• Bebeto's baby in Under 20 Squad

• Liverpool's miniature forwards

• Q&A with Stevie G

• Edgar "F***ing" Davids

• Sam Hamilton/Charly Bennet update

• + all the usual nonsense

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