"The Impact Equation" - reading (1) @nickkellet - experimenting

Nov 17, 2012, 11:44 AM, Riverstown, Cork, Ireland

Paul O'Mahony reads the start of "The Impact Equation" by #chrisbrogan @chrisbrogan & #JulienSmith @julien ISBN 978-0-670-92194-2 #readTheImpactEquation #theimpactequation Part 1 of a crowdsourced reading of the book. The idea for this came up in conversation with #NickKellet @nickkellet Co-founder of http://www.List.ly The idea to have the whole book read by as many different people as possible - in diverse voices... Eventually the recordings will be stitched together by someone bright - and will be available to all. If you would like to be a reader - go to