Monday Morning Minute – Too sensitive with Fiona Kearns

Nov 18, 2012, 05:34 PM

Welcome to the Monday Morning Minute with Fiona Kearns.

Too sensitive!

Shouldn’t it be that the newer, the more high-tech something is the better? That’s what I used to think but I’ve re-thought that since an avid follower of the Monday Morning Minute shared with me that they thought the voice quality wasn’t very good. I’m using my super dooper Dictaphone which should be brilliant but it’s not so I’m now using my iphone which though less specialised might be better. Let me know what you think! It got me thinking that things can just be too sensitive. Of course, we can be too sensitive at too and it doesn’t always serves us so we need to try a different approach.

Here’s to being less sensitive and more effective.

This is not being ‘Too Sensitive’ with Fiona Kearns #simple #useful #sme #sensitive #fionafkearns #mmm