With microphones outside recording all the time, what do we have? Builders throwing tiles into a skip? Rhythmic hammering?

Jan 07, 2013, 09:42 AM

For the last year, I've had microphones on my balcony streaming to a server so you can hear London from a ninth floor flat 24 hours a day. This is how I was able to capture the introduction of 2013, and how I've managed to get some absolutely crazy and unusual noises from the street. You can always listen to it here: http://2.onj.me/outside.m3u

Occasionally when I step onto the balcony, or my wife goes out there to put a box out or sweep it up, you'll hear that on the microphones too. I like to boo from the balcony, so sometimes it's broadcast before it even makes it to Audioboo. What fun, eh? #outside #live #microphones #stereo #binaural #balcony #London #Realtime