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Jan 21, 2013, 11:13 AM

From my collection of many tracks, I present here a small demonstration of material for you to use in your audioboos, by joining a dropbox folder that I update periodically. Many people have asked me to do this before, so I finally decided why not? This audioboo is a quick and dirty presentation of some of what's on offer, and is set to grow over the coming days. please get in touch if this folder interests you and you have been looking for music in your projects. Particularly BossJock users have been asking me to do this, and it is within my power to comply so I am.

Edit - 2013-01-23: If you don't have dropbox or don't feel comfortable giving me your email address, you can simply access the shared folder on the web yourself, or download a zip file of all the tracks instead.

Link to the shared folder and individual tracks: Link to the zip file directly:

Enjoy with my complements.

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