haiku flow: the Phoenix - A Haiku Trio

Apr 04, 2013, 07:42 AM

In this special episode, I share a recording made with the iPhone app Songify available on the iTunes store which converts speech to song. And considering that I have a terrible singing voice, the result is a decent one. The song is based on a haiku I wrote after reflecting on Easter as I continue my engagement with Buddhist thought.

The haiku, I named “The Phoenix” is a haiku trio, or one containing three haiki, and it went like this:

The Phoenix

A Haiku Trio

1 I am the phoenix… I will rise from my ashes… I will live again!

2 Ever constant change… This cycle of renewal… I will die again!

3 The ritual of death… To be buried in this earth… Hoping to return…

I hope you enjoyed that song.

If not, my apologies…

Anyway, you can read a constantly updated collection of the haiki I write when I’m inspired on my haiku blog “Haiku Flow” which is located at: http://haikuflow.gordongd.com

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