Use A Sketchbook

May 02, 2009, 11:10 PM, North Dorset, Dorset, United Kingdom
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ianwaugh - about 8 years ago

In my opinion, the more time I spend away from the computer the better I become at my job. It's so important to think freely and just sketch things out without worrying about how it is going to look on screen.

Even documents and reports that I create are always thought through and sketched out on paper beforehand.

Also, reading books rather than blogs and websites has a place too... anything to free the mind for a while!


TheDJBook - over 8 years ago

I do sketch, but this is only during a first meeting to get clients ideas down and form a rough layout. I always do the layouts in Photoshop, as the layer functions allow me to chop between differnt ideas, fonts, and colours. I also use a blank IE/browser frame layer in Photoshop to get an idea of how it will look. Although with IE's various and offten comical CSS rendering bugs, it doesn't always look as tight as the photoshop design at first.



daveredfern - over 8 years ago

I have only ever designed straight into photoshop mainly because i find drawing things on a pad creates a wireframe of whats in my head and something similar to what I could create in the first 10 mins of working in photoshop.

I feel that since i'm not a great drawer i can't think of any of the nitty bits that really make a good design. In photoshop I can quickly mockup small areas of a design to see if they work or not.

If you're working in a commercial environment i feel would be frowned upon to start drawing on pads and seen as a waste of time.

Might give it a whiz for a new project I am working on to see if it gets my design juices flowing...