conversation with the guiding hand behind the Ristoro La Galera, Giulio Turriani

May 12, 2013, 11:54 PM, Barga, Tuscany, Italy

The last time we called into the Galera in Fornaci di Barga was last spring and then we were surprised to find out that it was 20 years ago that they opened their doors for the first time.

Almost a year later and had anything changed ?

Yes, if anything the place has become an institution more or less with a whole new generation of people caring about La Galera and its position in the community and above all caring about its direction and its new clientèle.

As you can hear in the conversation above with the guiding hand behind the Ristoro La Galera, Giulio Turriani, changes have been happening and they are permanent.

Yes, they do serve hamburgers with their beer but hamburgers made from local meat and not with chips or tomato sauce – their own special mustard and tomatoes are offered instead.

The lighting is the same, there are still no gaming machines, it feels relaxing the moment you enter and above all – live music is on offer – quality live music.

A rolling, constant change of musicians but all with one thing in common – quality music pulsing in their veins.

This evening it was the turn of the Amanita Phalloides – a wild-electro duo composed of Cristof ‘Edernof’ Da Costa and Francesco Tolaini.