Sindaco di Barga talking about flood damage

Oct 21, 2013, 10:54 AM

Well for many people that was a night of very little sleep as an electrical storm over this area continued right through the night until dawn.

At one point at 4 o’clock this morning all the roads into Barga were blocked by landslides and workers have been working through the night to clear them.

All schools in the area were closed this morning

At Mologno more than a dozen houses were flooded and 15 families risked being evacuated.

A night of almost continuous torrential rain has meant that streams have burst their banks and are making their quickest way down hill.

During the night the main road through Castelvecchio Pascoli turned into a raging river as the stream coming down from Ciocco burst its banks and ran straight through Castelvecchio damaging a number of cars and completely flooding many of the cantinas in the houses on either side of the road.

Residents in the area mentioned the disturbing sound of the rocks turning over and over as they forced along by the force of the water.

This morning as dawn came up workers were already pumping out water and clearing sand, logs and large rocks from the road.

Electricity supplies in some places is still sketchy and intermittent but by the looks of things the worst of it is over.

Now begins the huge clear up operation right across the area.