Dracula, the Musical in Barga

Oct 27, 2013, 09:45 PM


Drink deep... and live forever!

Dracula, the Musical, a gothic musical based on the original Victorian novel by Bram Stoker was performed in Barga this week for what was the international debut in Italy by the Associazione Culturale Smaskerando.

A full Teatro di Differenti witnessed this evening a thrilling drama of suspense and a Gothic romance of dreamlike temptation. Set in Europe at the end of the Victorian Age, the production followed Dracula’s lust for new blood and a small band of mortal men and women who must face his overwhelming seduction and mesmeric supernatural powers.

The score is by Frank Wildhorn, with lyrics and book by Don Black and Christopher Hampton. Directed and translation by Stefano Cosimini.

Special mention must be made for the scenery in this production which was dramatic and ingenious allowing for swift changes using every single centimeter of space available to the company.