Pubcast 141: Boob Tubes and Boom Boxes


With Coxon MIA this week many thought the Pubcast would fall to pieces. However up stepped Jim who took the reigns and hosted a great show and to be honest no one even realised Mike was missing! The Pubcasters headed to Henry's to chat about the week's football whilst basking in glorious sunshine. To say there was a "sight" or two to be held wandering around Canary Wharf was an understatement. There was a d├ębut from new Pubcaster "Gooner Chris" (as Jim quickly named him) who played the full 45 minutes and impressed his new team mates on his first appearance. It was the first round of the Premier League this weekend and with last week's Internationals and all of the rest of the Football League there was loads to discuss, including Arsenal's dismal start to the season (sorry Chris............I'm not sorry).

#premierleague #football #soccer #championship #leagueone #leaguetwo

Aug 22, 2013, 12:24 PM, Canary Wharf, London, England
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