A Journey Into Accessibility

May 07, 2009, 07:35 PM, North Dorset, Dorset, United Kingdom
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Caledoniaman - over 8 years ago

Paul, in my experience (as an accessibility consultant), the WCAG guidelines and fear of legal action result in too much focus being place on actually meeting the guidelines rather than taking steps to identify what the main issues are for disabled users and then resolving them. Too many times, I come across sites which are 'technically' accessible (as in they fulfill particular guidelines) but are not accessible in practise. For example, take a form which is marked up correctly, labels applied to fields etc etc. If there are too many fields in the form then this form is not accessible as it is exceptionally laborious for physically impaired and/or screen reader users. Obsession with adherence to the guidelines is in many ways preventing sites from being truly accessible.


TheDJBook - over 8 years ago

Currently I'm working on WC3 validation (which my new site does so far) and cross-browser friendly (Firefox, Safari - Mac, IE6 to a point, IE7, Chrome, Safari - iPhone). Accessibility is something I want to tackle, but not during the beta stages I'm in at the moment. Good post though.