#RecEv: You are a fly on the wall. This is a 2008 rehearsal. See description for more:

Sep 20, 2013, 04:26 PM

When you hear your favourite piece of music, the last thing you think to yourself I'd guess is, 'wow, what did it sound like during the making?' Well this isn't your favourite track perhaps, but it is a behind closed doors look into a band learning a track for the first time and trying to get it right. Usually you hear the perfect, polished, beautiful works of a band that sound seamless and effortless, well not this time. Mistakes, flubbed lines, broken vocals, feedback, badly played keyboards (on my part) and much, much more. Join the band in a 13 minute clip of exactly what you can expect when learning a track for the very first time at 11 PM and getting tired and despondent at times, as a result.

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