Paul Martin's Business Update - November 22nd

Nov 22, 2013, 03:45 PM, Regina, SK, Canada

Paul Martin's Business Update - November 22nd

Virtually every indicator on the employment front portrays a picture of challenges for employers in this province. They‘re creating jobs but are having all kinds of problems filling them. Many have even gone around the world in pursuit of new talent.

Well, the latest report to demonstrate how the market favors those selling labor rather than buying it – particularly in the major cities - is the updated Employment Insurance numbers. They come from September. Overall, the province generated an increase of 20 individuals in the number of people claiming EI which means they are out of work and on the hunt.

What’s interesting about this report, though, is that there is a big gap between the province’s two major cities and everywhere else. Despite going up province-wide, the number of EI claimants in Saskatoon is down about 20 per cent while Regina saw a decline of nearly 10 percent.

When compared to a two per cent decline in Edmonton and an actual increase in Calgary, it is clear that people looking for employment in Saskatchewan and the major cities in particular are having little difficulty finding it.

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