Anagarika Convention with Parami No.3 - Goodbye from Adhisthana

Dec 17, 2013, 11:17 AM, Coddington, Herefordshire, United Kingdom

The final installment of Parami's in-depth reporting from the first convention of men and women in the Triratna Buddhist Order who have adopted a life of deep simplicity, stillness and contentment, supporting that with the practice of celibacy.

Today we hear from Amitamati, Tarachitta, Muditasri, Atapani, Yashodeva, Dhammadinna and Manjuvajra about their own experiences and their journeys towards this way of life.

Muditasri talks movingly about her own practice of 'homelessness', Yashodeva talks about community, and we even get a wee greeting in Welsh... The podcast closes with a team discussion amongst Dhammadinna, Manjuvajra and Parami who ran the event.

#celibacy #chastity #contentment #sexuality #Buddhism #Buddhist

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