#RecEv: Roland CS-10EM mic test playing with the kids:

Dec 22, 2013, 09:28 AM

Having recently just purchased some #Roland CS-10EM in-ear #microphones as yet more kit for my #Zoom H1, I'm doing my best to find situations to use them in. They don't stay in my ears very well, and I've never been a huge fan of earbuds anyway, so although I like them, I think they will be for very specific use-cases. I'm not discounting them just yet, having only received them on Friday, but I do find them sort of difficult to work with. In any case, here's a quick recording playing on the floor with my two kids. Jake who's 4, and Alice who's 1. You might see them in the attached picture. It's thanks to Adrian @turbostream why I have these in the first place. I didn't know #Amazon sold them but it seems they do, so I'm happy. I have been looking form them for a few years now and did not know they were available in the #UK.