Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell talking about their new CD

Apr 23, 2014, 05:45 PM Live music and photoshoot for CD in Barga Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell playing in Barga In August of last year they were making some great sounds in Aristo’s (article here), this week the couple from Scotland, Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell were once again back in the city and once again their particular sound was heard in Barga Vecchia as they gave a series of impromptu “mini- concerts” in five different locations through out the city. Why five different locations ? The Scottish cellist and guitarist were being photographed for images to be included on their latest CD which is due for release shortly and instead of a set piece photo shoot where the musicians hold their instruments and look intensely into the middle distance they decided that the best way to get their message across was to do what comes naturally – play some music. Palazzo Pancrazi, Piazza Angelio and the Duomo were of course picked as suitable locations plus one or two of the lesser known side roads and then to finish the day, a 45 minute concert outside Aristo’s bar in Piazza Salvi. The CD is in the final stages of being mixed down at Watercolour Music – a music production company and recording studio complex in the West Highlands of Scotland, owned and run by producer and songwriter Nick Turner and his wife, musician and broadcaster Mary Ann Kennedy but many of the songs where composed and written right here in Barga .