It's Your Right: Joe Crosbie (17) - Life as part of YAP

Jun 18, 2014, 04:17 PM

Joe Crosbie (17), originally from Dublin, but now living in Tralee is a recent addition to the Youth Advisory Panel at Jigsaw Kerry, having recently joined this past Christmas. Joe is a huge sports fan, and is happiest when watching Liverpool matches with his whole family. Joe explains to us about the Youth Advisory Panel, what their job is, and how much he enjoys taking part. To help raise awareness about the cause, Joe often wears his 'Jigsaw' jumper around school and informs his school friends about projects and campaigns in progress. One such campaign is '#SpeakYourMind'. An initiative of the YAP to promote positive youth mental health with young people by encouraging them to say what is on their minds.

Find out more about the campaign here:

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Jigsaw is a network of programmes across Ireland designed to make sure every young person has somewhere to turn to and someone to talk to. They provide confidental support to young people in their local area.

The Youth Advisory Panel is a group of dedicated young people who advise Jigsaw on the opinions and issues of young people, as well as helping the organisation raise awareness of mental health.

Headstrong is the National Centre for Youth Mental Health - a non-profit organisation supporting young people's mental health in Ireland.

Listen to Joseph Duffy, CEO of Headstrong, on 10 years of the Ombudsman for Children's Office and what it means for an organisation like Headstrong.

For more information on Children's Rights and the 'Its Your Right' campaign, visit the Its Your Right website:

Below is a transcript of Joe's story.

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Joe Crosbie; My name’s Joe Crosbie, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Tralee. I was born in Dublin, raised in Wicklow and moved down to Tralee when I was 4. I play pool, snooker, hurling, swimming, soccer...lots of different sports. 00:30 Joe; My family is huge Liverpool supporters and I’ve just been basically reared with soccer so we all get together and watch the big matches so sport is a big thing in my life. I joined Jigsaw this past Christmas, and I’ve been part of the YAP since Christmas as well. 01:00 Joe; The YAP stands for Youth Advisory Panel. We are basically here to help Jigsaw, to give our ideas of what we as the younger generation think needs to be done to get the word out and help then spread the word of positive youth mental health and get people tp speak their mind to get things off their chest. 01:30 Joe; The more I learned the more I became interested in it and I wanted to help out in the community by making people more aware so that’s why I really joined. It’s about making that difference to raise social awareness. In school, we’d be wearing our Jigsaw jumpers and they’d be asking what Jigsaw is and we’d be tell them all about it. 02:00 Joe; Then they’d tell their friends what Jigsaw is all about. By us doing our projects, like our Speak Your Mind campaign, we’re raising more awareness about Jigsaw and about youth mental health and the awareness will start to grow from there. It’s just something I wanted to do when I heard about Jigsaw and when you become a member here, you become close with people and they become your friends. 02:30 J...