Do the people of NYC know what #citizenscience is? Part 6 #WSF14

Jul 04, 2014, 05:56 PM

The first time I had ever met an astronaut! He was sitting with his friend, and both had been a part of #WSF2014. I asked the astronaut what he thought #citizenscience might be, and he immediately related it to "regular people helping with weather tracking." After an explanaition I asked him he had been involved in any, he said no. But he said he was active in the research community already. His research is at NASA, and he interfaces a lot with the public from the International Space Station #ISS. "Particularly, when there's large weather, like hurricanes or typhoons, we'll oftentimes take pictures from above during and after... so I guess I take part in some respects." Outside of his awesome space adventures in NASA, he would be interested in doing more astronomy or cosmology. His friend took part in a genealogy #citizenscience project which was part of #WSF14.