#Recorded #Phone #Scam: Don't fall for companies claiming to be from #Microsoft Technical Support.

Jul 18, 2014, 11:13 AM

This rather pointless and unusual call supposedly comes from a company with the address of: 8-10 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL Later, he gives me a phone number for this fictitious company which actually belongs to #Aspects Systems. I found this out when I called them and spoke to somebody there. The number given was: 01202548888. The call ends with him saying he would call back within 5 minutes, as yet this has not happened. Please don't fall for such stupidity. If you feel concerned by receiving such calls, please contact someone you trust and ask for advice. The way such companies work is by taking over your computer and asking for payment. They take your credit card information, take payment, then lock up your computer with software they install on it for their own personal gain until you pay yet more money for the privilege of using your machine. Edit: The phone number the call came from is actually a known telemarketing number, and it is: +1-574-905-5110. Edit again: Have had a callback from a friendly guy at Aspects Systems (AKA #Eset) telling me that Aspects is the old company name. I thought I'd add this here for completeness. #Telemarketing #Scam #Phonecall #Call #Microsoft #Virus #Errors #Windows #Internet #Networking