Important message: APVAD has a new location!

Aug 04, 2014, 04:58 PM

A Message Regarding A Phrasal Verb a Day New APVAD location: All the details:

For all those who have subscribed to me on my Audioboo profile, "Luke Thompson" or "The Daily Thompson". I have two messages for you: 1. I have now set up APVAD as its own podcast channel on Audioboo. This means that future episodes of APVAD will be uploaded to a new RSS feed, which will be much easier to get on iTunes and other podcast software. So, you just need to subscribe to the new APVAD podcast. How can you find it? It's much easier now. Go to and click the APVAD button All the details are there. You can find the new RSS feed, a link to the audioboo channel, a button to subscribe with iTunes and everything else that you need. So - you won't get new episodes of APVAD here in this feed any more - no more APVAD at "LukeThompson" or "The Daily Thompson" - instead new episodes will appear through the APVAD channel. 2. I have not stopped doing APVAD! I plan to continue the series and my aim is still to upload 365 episodes! I know I can't achieve that this year, but I'll do my best! Thanks for listening and I'll speak to you again soon. If you have any questions about this, just go to and leave me a comment. That's it, speak to you soon!