Why use Marketing Personas and Keywords to create your Website Content?

Nov 11, 2014, 08:12 AM

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Today I will be doing another blog post or installment about Creating Personas!

In my last couple of posts I have been defining and discussing how to research and utilize keywords when writing #content for your website or #blog. I used various online research and SEO #tools such as ubersuggest.org, wordpot.com, and wordtracker.com to find keywords related to my search term. As mentioned before, we want to use a few specific keywords and craft our content around them, instead of jam-packing our content with words we think will lead to the most hits for our site. Relevance is key, for a healthy ranking and informative site! You want to be sure that your website has the correct information people are truly searching for.

So in my extend example, I have used the topic (or keywords) “sales training,” to figure out what my audience (or #targetmarket) is really looking for when they type those words into a #searchengine. I found the most commonly related terms and grouped them together to create personas. You may be wondering why I did this. Well, I wanted to create 3 different personas that represented 3 different parts of my target market. Basically, I wanted to segment my target market to define the types of people who would visit my website. If I can define these people, I can better serve them with the information they need or want. To help me define, understand, and create personas - I referred to the article “Marketing Personas: The Complete Beginner’s Guide,” by Kevin Lee and the video “Marketing Personas [Keyword-Driven Personas] - Whiteboard Friday,” presented by Ruth Burr Reedy. The chart from Whiteboard Friday's video helped me group my keywords together; which in turn, aided me in defining the groups of people who would be visiting my website and for what reason. Once I was able to define my them, I used The Complete Beginner’s Guide and Google searched other Marketing Persona #Infographics to name and create fictitious people to represent these 3 groups; thus, giving life to my target markets. Now, I know what sort of information to include, #keywords to use, and who to market to in order to draw people into my website.

Take Away:

Since I know what sort of information my audience is seeking, I can make sure I include it and use keywords artfully enough to be found – hence the beauty of keyword driven personas and understanding part of a vast array of #SEO tactics.

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Photo Credit: “Personas,” – by Nicolas Nova, licensed under CC by 2.0