Purpose of My Audioboo Blog

Jun 22, 2012, 10:53 PM, Magnolia Center, Riverside, United States


Hello everyone, my name is Bebe. I am creating this blog to help provide a resource of inexpensive marketing options to novice and seasoned marketers. My personal goal or purpose is to increase my following to 200 by December 2013. To accomplish this feat I will create various resources for my followers to reference. I will produce one to two posts, at least once every other week, detailing an idea, providing commentary on an article, or posting researched resources about marketing a product or service on a budget. I want to increase awareness to the masses that marketing doesn’t need to be expensive but can be cost effective and professional. The benefit to my followers is free marketing advice and resources that are step by step, easy, and fun; allowing subscribers to cheaply market their product or service professionally without breaking the bank and allowing them the ability to allocate their funds where they are most needed. So stay tuned in, for more blogs to come!

Music by: Damscray entitled Dancing Tiger Link: Dancing Tiger (Damscray) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 #beginners #budget #cheap #efficient #free #Marketing #novice #professional #sales #tools #seasoned