Is That Dog Poop In The Washing Machine?

Dec 11, 2014, 04:19 AM

It's a real love hate relationship hanging out washing. I hate doing it for 2 reasons. 1 I have to hang it up and peg everything and 2. my dogs think it's playtime. I have 2 border collies and they LOVE the ball. Collies are very clever dogs and my 2 precious furbabys think it's fun to bring the ball over and drop it IN the washing basket. So it honestly takes twice the time to hang it out because, for every piece of washing I hang out, when I go to grab the next item - there's a wet slobbery ball laying in the basket so you have to throw it. So essentially it goes like this - hang washing - throw ball - hang washing - throw ball - repeat 400 times. And then you have to get it off! Blah

The positive of hanging washing out is in Summer it drys really quick and I dunno if it's weird, clothes smell better! If only there was like a "washing gun" - kind of like a t-shirt launcher, the type of launcher bands use to fire free t-shirts at fans! You could jam all your washing in this "washing gun" walk to the end of your house, open the window and fire towards your clothes line! Wala! Job done. If only..

But it wasn't until recently on 104.9 STARFM with Hayley Morcom we had a discussion about washing and how funny it is how dog owners talk to their pets in a completely different voice to how they talk to people. Hayley is a massive dog lover as well and revealed how awkward it is while washing to get washing out of the machine and you get that sinking feeling when you feel something in a pocket! This time - dog poo after walking the dogs! Opps

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