Denmark's dilemma post Charlie Hebdo

Jan 13, 2015, 09:46 AM

One country that has been closely following events in France is Denmark, which, you will recall ignited the whole issue of satirising Mohammed nine years ago when the Jyllands Posten newspaper published 12 cartoons of the prophet, making the country a pariah in the Muslim world. On Danish television this weekend the editor of Jyllands Posten admitted he was too afraid to publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Mohammed because of the danger to his staff. On social media there is chatter among radical Islamists that Denmark will be the next location for an atrocity. The country is having a vigorous debate about free expression at a time when the right wing is hoping to emulate Germany with its weekly anti Islamic marches, and a majority of MPS are calling on the country’s justice minister to consider closing down Denmark’s most radical mosque. This follows a Danish TV documentary From Copenhagen Malcolm Brabant reports on the complex issues facing what’s supposed to be the happiest nation on earth.