#bbcpm 3/3/15 #Oxford. Anne Lawrence : #MandatoryReporting v. 'Wilful Neglect' with Eddie Mair.

Mar 03, 2015, 09:02 PM

In the face of today's reports Furedi holds entrenched views. He doubts #MR works which suggests he's not read the evidence. This includes the second paper in this link http://goo.gl/i9JR0m (Cross jurisdictional analysis).

On 13th May 2016 Dr Ben Mathews article on Impact of Mandatory Reporting Law : A Seven year Longitudinal Analysis was published by Child Abuse and Neglect http://goo.gl/HIEtPu concludes : results of this research suggest a mandatory reporting law for CSA is associated with a substantial and sustained increase in identification of cases of CSA. Findings have significant implications for law, policy and practice in the inter-national community. With discovered abuse ranging between 5% (nspcc) and 12.5% (children's comm), the status quo is not an option when empirical evidence from a single jurisdiction pre/post the introduction of #MR evidences such a positive contribution to the protection of children.