Commuters Connexions & Collectivism

Jul 06, 2015, 05:16 PM

Bringing street art into the train station.

Come through the station turnstile with urbanstates at Paris Gare du Nord. Leading our way is collective #Quai36. We’re exploring how this grassroots collective caught the imagination of France’s national train station operator SNCF, meeting the general secretary of SNCF Gares & Connexions who heads-up the operators cultural policy.

The photo features minister for culture and communication Fleur Pellerin admiring the work of and chatting with Spanish street artist Dourone. Dourone, like FAFI, BTOY, KOOL KOOR and SP38 and others have work featuring in the train station are Paris Gare du Nord which is happening as part of #ArtResidence through June and July 2015. Expect animation plus there’s an opportunity for you to submit for selection. #Urbanstates Season 2 – Episode 11 (First broadcast Mon 22 June 2015).

Featuring a clip from the magical poets of dramatic hip-hop interlude from L’arté raffiné de l’ecchymosse, – Autre Gare, Même Train. Another station, Same train.