Discussion on Abortion - Mufti Abu Layth

Nov 14, 2015, 12:08 AM


This audio clip of mine is part of a greater #dialogue which was taking place between senior students of Knowledge and respected #Ulama.

It was surrounding the topic of #Abortion and whether there would be any scope for permissiblity to abort beyond the 4 months time frame if medical examination was to show a critical deformity/disability.

This particular clip was in response to being asked by some of the senior students to shed light on my grounds/reasoning for saying there would be in my understanding a dispensation to opt for an abortion beyond the 4 months time frame in light of the critical/threatening deformities.

I am only #sharing this as a source of #encouragement for #students of #Knowledge and perhaps it may serve as #motivation to acquaint oneself with the #Legacy of #Fatawa in our #Deen.

I understand that some people may disagree and perhaps strongly with my reasoning, this is not to express what is right and wrong rather to highlight the diversity and at times complexities involved in the issuance of Fatwa.

May Allah inspire us all to #Learn and #Love this Deen of our, and to reconnect with its incredible #Legacy, Ameen

Duas Wasalam Yours Truly Mufti

#LetsReconnectWithOurLegacy #DeenStudies #MALM