'Forced' to call 999 to be carried to bed...

Feb 26, 2016, 02:13 PM

We all know those moments in life when we need to dial 999 for emergency help, in life or death situations.

But what about if you feel forced to call an ambulance, when you need help with a simple task such as helping a loved one get to bad, and there's no other option?

That's what a man from Clayton has told us he has to, because he claims social care services can't help him with the unplanned challenges of living with disabilities.

52-year-old STUART MACINTOSH from Clayton uses a wheelchair himself and looks after his wife Helen who has epilepsy...

(Staffordshire County Council has told us Mrs Macintish could contact Staffordshire Cares for a social care assessment and speak to her GP about a personal health budget to allow greater flexibility.)