Steve Larratt (part 2) speaks to LSE Share Talk 05/06/2016

Jun 05, 2016, 12:12 PM

Today is part 2 of our audio podcast with our resident blogger @slarratt1 We will be covering #88E # SDX #COPL #HNR #HUM #KRS #NMG #GGP#MTR #SAV #EMH

With a lot of interesting announcements, news updates to follow, we look across the AIM sector to see what has happened since we covered these companies. Plus we look at a new IPO listing from the Oil & Gas sector and what upside they may deliver in the near term future.

Rare earth, Lithium look to be the new hot sectors with the EV sector looking to exploded in the coming decade. We cover the mining stock that looks to be part of this new revolution.