David Gerow Irving | The Protein Myth

Oct 05, 2011, 08:35 AM

The Protein Myth illustrates how we can avoid the major killer diseases by eliminating animal products from the diet. It challenges our healthcare organizations to stop ignoring the scientific evidence that a diet based on animal protein costs millions of lives. For example, why do they ignore telling the public that avoiding animal protein could prevent breast cancer for many women by lowering estrogen levels? The book also links the Western diet to many of the problems facing the world such as 1) the pollution of our atmosphere, rivers and streams, 2) the mass production of meat and dairy products on factory farms which is extremely cruel to animals, 3) the needless vivisection of animals at university laboratories for the sole purpose of getting billions of tax dollars from the public, 4) the manufacture of drugs to treat counterfeit diseases, 5) obesity in children, and 6) the creation of poverty in the developing world. The Protein Myth makes a compelling case that the way to a healthier life and a better world is to end our exploitation of animals. #Gaia #meat #Obooks #vegan #vegetarian #carnivore #Lovelock