O Dayspring (O Oriens)

Sep 07, 2016, 11:33 PM

"O Dayspring splendor of light eternal and sun of righteousness: come and enlighten those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death."

Facing west, this sunset of humanity Denies the falling night of death's looming shadow. Reality is reviled as a form of profanity That pilfers the profits, efficiency, workflow. O Sun of Righteousness, make right and shine On the dark cruelties of our society’s sins Whose roots choke our hearts, our affections entwine And can only be freed when confession begins. O Dayspring, shine, flood our grey town in light Drive back the darkness in which lurks our fears. Dawn! Arise! Illuminate our night! Speak tenderly in mercy, wipe away all our tears. When with healing in his wings this Sun rise upon us all, We shall bound in joy released as a calf from winter’s stall.

© Randy Edwards, 2016. photo: Randy Edwards, sunrise Cherry Grove, SC

#Christianity #sonnet #Advent #GreatOAntiphon