Wilde Stories LIVE - October 22nd, Temple Bar - Audio Opening

Oct 20, 2016, 09:19 AM

An audio taster of what to expect at 'Wilde Stories Live' - Our live celebration of Oscar Wilde and his fairytales - tickets and information via - https://goo.gl/vR0Cly

Wilde Stories is a transmedia arts project re-imagining the Irish author Oscar Wilde through the prism of his fairytales for children. Experience the full range of the Wilde Stories audio, art and music on www.wildestories.ie

Wilde Stories was broadcast as an arts radio series on RTE lyric fm and will now be a live event on October 22nd in Dublin's Meeting House Square and features composer Michael Gallen performing some of the Wilde Stories music on piano with a full screening of the film animations by Felicity Clear and the Wilde Stories music recorded by the RTE Concert Orchestra. There are also live readings from the stories, including Wilde biographer Eleanor Fitzsimons reading 'The Devoted Friend', Rory O'Neill (The artist behind Panti Bliss) reading 'The Happy Prince', singer Shaz Oye reading 'The Nightingale and The Rose', Dr Amanullah De Sondy reading 'The Remarkable Rocket' and child soloist Evan Lawrence (who features in the choral music) reads The Selfish Giant.

The Radio Series is available to podcast/stream via - http://www.wildestories.ie/